Better copy = more profit

If you have a business, you NEED to know how to write to convert EVEN IF you have a copywriter. Every part of your business RESTS entirely on what you say, how to say it, and when to ask for the sale.

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    Michelle Ellis

    Conversion Copywriter & Marketing Strategist

    Who am I?

    In a nutshell? I write copy for 6-figure launches and keep subscribers engaged all year to prime them for your offers. I handle it all - landing pages, sales pages, emails, ads, and pretty much every little tidbit of your launch that you want to outsource.

    What to expect:

    • Weekly livestreams hosted by me and guest experts in content, design & marketing!
    • Live critiques of copy - each month I'll hand select copy submissions that I'll review live!
    • Downloadable copy templates that you can use in your business (seriously, no cost)!
    • The best free copy group - no nonsense, I show up to serve not to sell you.